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From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 10:21:04 EST

>I have two questions petaining to non-NT Greek that I hope someone
>will help me wwith, like Carl Conrad. First, I'm having a little
>trouble withthe following clause:
>ALLA TO THS EUNOIAS PAREIS PROSOCHN ... (by the way, it is common to use
>C for Chi and X for Xi right??) If I've read this right it says "the one
>who has let fall to the side the attention of favor/goodwill". The LCL,
>however says "He will omit the appeal fora favourable hearing". Unless
>I've missed something, PAREIS is a 2 Aor act part. from PARIHMI, not a
>finite verb. Also, I don't see the word "hearing" anywhere in here and
>I don't see "appeal" as a choice in LSJ for EUNOIA. DId I mess this up,
>or is the Living Bible versin of Lucian?
Ken, it helps a great deal if you give the precise reference to the text
youi have trouble parsing or understanding. I gather it is somwhere in
Lucian, but Lucian fills three volume in the old Teubner text. I could
track down your reference by using the TLG disk, but that's a lot of

> Seccond, I'm dying trying to do this stuff. I have to look up about
>90% of the words. Either I need to drop this class or find a way to
>look up stuff faster than thumbing back and forth through LSJ. Would
>Perseus be faster for searching for and identifying forms? If so, can
>someone give me the URL for it please? I don't have it anymore.

You should get a copy of that little paperback volume that identifies some
thousands of Greek verb forms. It would speed things up.

There is no royal road to easy vocabulary learning. We all paged the big
LSJ a lot in our initiatory days. Welcome to the common lot of humankind.

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