Re: 1 Co 6:9 -- malakoi & arsenokoitai

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Date: Sat Feb 08 1997 - 13:31:35 EST

Steven L. ( wrote:

> I am involved in a discussion about whether homosexuality is sinful or not.
> And I was wondering if anyone could help me with these two words:
> malakoi
> arsenokoitai
> Some translations have "malakoi" as "effeminate" and some have it as "male
> prostitutes".
> Likewise, for "arsenokoitai" some translations have "homosexuals" and some
> have "sodomites".
> The RSV only has the one item "sexual perverts".
> Could you tell me what's going on here. Thanks.
> Steven Luker

This was discussed back in 1994. You can find the thread at:

If your web browser can search, go to this page and search for "arseno" so
that you find arsenokotai as well as other entries like arsenokoitos (which
is a mistaken attempt to find the singular of arsenokotai, but it does occur
in a subject line).

As you might suspect, these words have a rich tradition in Greek literature,
so one of the best ways to investigate them is to look at their entries on

You can click on specific references within these entries to see the
original Greek texts in which the words were used, which is a great way to
get an overview of their meaning if you have the time.

Hope this helps!


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