Re: authorship of Hebrews--Ionic?

From: Isidoros (
Date: Sun Feb 09 1997 - 18:53:58 EST

>Carl W. Conrad
>> What puzzles me, however, is your statement above that "the style is
>> literary, almost Ionic." "Literary" is obviously right, but I don't know
>> what you mean by "Ionic"

Jack Kilmon
> By golly, Carl, I DID type "Ionic" didn't I? I am sure that
>the sentence as originally composed within the dusty caverns of my
>cranium was "style is literary, almost classic" How it became"ionic"
>as I typed it at 4AM, I'll never know.

Ionic, Classic, those words are legitimately almost
totally interchangable, dear Jack, that is not really
any problem. Athens, Ephessos, Corinth, Delphi, Chios,
Smyrna, Miletos... most all of those Classic are Ionic.
So it comes naturally, easily, without intent or effort.

What may indeed be, however, a surprise, if only a minor
one, is that you used the term "Ionic" (or the Classic),
it's that you used it for this case, specifically -- for
Who may had been the one true author of the Hebrews.
And that, in fact, beyond the "easy" and the "natural"
you admit that you may indeed "never know" why (or who)
wrote that bespeaks of another condition, one which is wholly
charismatic. Or, should I say holly and charismatic;
in Inspiration Divine, you know, one where the subject has
the most High on priviledge of being momentarily used
as a means, medium, a scriptoral vessel! Truely profound.
Can't even think about it, as you said. And, that is really the
stuff of which is made Prophecy.

The Ionic Centre, Athens

PS. Carl, please be not puzzled. For just as with the above
analogy, "literary" is, too, interchangably analogous to
"Ionic." Well, and as you yourself correctly said, "almost".

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