Re: Macintosh Greek & Hebrew Tools

From: Isidoros (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 22:44:04 EST

>Greetings All!
>I have an IBM and am using Hermeneutika's Bible Works for Windows. I like
>it because [...]
>I have friends in ministry that have Macintosh computers. The computers are
>older and can't run Windows Software like some of the new Macs can....
>Any suggestions ...
>Roger DeLozier

Lucky fellow!

Envious, Roger, as may be counted among your "friends". Now,

GRAMCORD Institute has Bible software, CD-ROM etc for MAC. Their URL

which gives quite a bit of info. Remains, however, rather a mystery
to me. Don't know anyone who uses it. So, beyond that, I cannot tell. But
I think Carl Conrad must know. Think he uses Macintosh and should be
electronically up to date. Might even have info in his own "home page."

All ears,


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