From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 09:56:35 EST

At 09:30 11/02/97 -0500, Jonathan Robie <> wrote:
>If you want to help stop this kind of spam, I have the following suggestions:
>1. Send mail to the postmaster of the original site. In this case, since the
>mail came from, send a copy of the original mail to
> It is helpful if lots of people do this, since it puts
>pressure on the postmaster to do something.


Indeed it does!

After the previous spam from an AOL customer, I mailed the lot INCLUDING the
CC list ( I agree, this is important ) and within a day a reply from someone
at AOL to tell me that action had been taken -- mind you, there was an
addendum that " because of legal reasons " he was unable to tell me what
this action was !!



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