From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (mauros@iol.ie)
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 14:18:47 EST

Before I get to my query, may I express my admiration for the _very_
complete replies you are giving Ken on the Josephus passages?

You must, I guess, have learned the trick of packing 26 hours into the day,
to keep this up _and you job_ <g>

Anyway, keep up the good work as I feel that it is of considerable use on
this particular list, where from time to time the blinkers imposed by crash
courses in NT Greek become painfully obvious.

My query arises from the use of 2 Co. 5 in the recommended reading for the
recent Church Unity Week.
In 2 Co. 5:20, I had difficulty in identifying KATALLAGHTE as an aorist
passive imperative of KATALLASSW.
Of course, I now realise, if I had thought of the verb as KATALLATTW, I
might have got it much faster.
With the -TT- I would have guessed that of the two 'markers' Q and H for
the aorist passive, the first would drop out [ O.K I realise that it is
SECOND aorist and thus would not have the Q -- but which came first, the
chicken or the egg?] and that running the combination -TTHTE over the tongue
a few times would have made me realise where the 'hard' G was coming from.

What I am really trying to establish is this;
Despite the substitution of -SS- for -TT- with Koine [ and Ionic (?) ] in
the present indicative and imperfect, when it comes to the aorist, do such
verbs revert to the Attic root?

BTW, just as an addendum, there is an excellent 5 column contribution on
KATALASSW in the Exegetical Dictionary of the NT, and it was all the more
surprising to me to find just how scarce are Patristic uses of this term (
and its noun ) -- just a couple of entries in Lampe. And the same, though a
good deal earlier since it is Irenaeus who is cited, goes for that
Ephesians/Colossians coinage, APOKATALLASSW.

Odd, isn't it, that such a concept as reconciliation figured so rarely in
the writings of the Fathers?

Regards, and again my admiration for all the work you put into B-GREEK.


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