From: Ruth Ellison (rufus@online.tmx.com.au)
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 22:07:56 EST

Is there any meaningful distinction to be drawn between SWZW and RUOMAI?
Thumbing through LSJ, I got the impression that the root meaning of
(E)RUOMAI is 'protect' and that SWZW had more of the flavour of 'deliver,
rescue out of', but it's obvious that the blending of meanings took place
very early on. Do they (and related words) operate essentially as synonyms
in the NT?

Secondly, does anybody know of a Bible study mailing list that assumes all
participants are working from the GNT, and encourages discussion of
linguistic/literary issues as well as the theological? This is something
that is not available in traditional church housegroup Bible studies.

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