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Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 22:50:26 EST

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> Has anyone studied John 15:4 as to the interpretation of the word remain
> (meinate) which is an Aorist. The verse reads, "Abide in Me, and I in
> you." Would this indicate an attitude, i.e "make a decision/commitment,
> abide in Me?" Please share any insights. At salvation we are already in
> Him. The folllowing verses have Present tense Participles which would
> to indicate the continual necessity of striving to abide in Him, hence it
> seems that the Aorist would indicate a "decision," (point action) and not
> process, which the following present tenses would indicate.

I think we are safer seeing at the aorist in this case as simply a way of
looking at the whole process of abiding as a single unit. In this sense it
serves as a pithy command and a good introductory sentence for the more
detailed discussion on the process of abiding which occurs in the present

Kevin Grenier

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