Re: accents - and "breathing" marks

Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 12:15:21 EST

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Isodoros wrote
<< How lesser the richer we all as culture perhaps we are. And
 how many generations of scholars were lost because certain
 grammarians were overly jealous in their yearning for specificity,
 and narrow-mindedness, and attachment, for representing "fully" and
 "accurately" this language? How many thousands, millions of peoples
 were discouraged from going on to learning it, in spite of the great
 energy invested by faithful, hard working touto-rs and scholars? >>
As much as I appreciate hyperbole, I don't think that accents are all that
much of a disouragment. On the other hand, since the accents were not part
of the original text, I think that it is a good idea to consider what the
text would look like without accents (or even spacing). It may open up some
alternate interpretations.

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