Help with TLG files

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 21:43:09 EST

Help! A friend did a TLG search for me, saving it as an RTF file. When I
load it up in my computor (DOS, no windows, WP5.1) it does not come out
as Greek, but a transliteration with a lot of header and footer
gibberish. What, if anything, can I (must I) do to come out as Greek?
Must I have other fonts? Windows? A higher version of WP? Can I use any
of the "convert" macro selections to secure the results I'm looking for?
The file was saved to disk using the TLG workplace (Silver Mountain
Software). I have scripture fonts loaded with WP (it can be turned off).
Help! I want to be able to see the razzle frazzle thing in Greek.

Any suggestions, all help will be appreciated.

Jeffrey Gibson

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