Lenten reading schedule

From: Bill and Ginger Dickson (caregrp@ballistic.com)
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 23:50:52 EST

The Rev. Carter N. Paden III, Rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church,
Chattanooga has designed a handy lenten reading schedule which takes one
through the entire NT in 40 days. I challenge some of you Greek scholars
to join me in following this schedule as a rapid-reading Greek program for
Lent. The schedule of readings is found
at {http://www.stpeters.org/lent/readings.htm}

Obviously if you did not start the program on Wednesday there is a little
catch up to do here, but I believe it would be well worth the effort
inasmuch as this reading plan promises much benefit spiritually and
linguistically (if done from the original).

warmly in Christ,


The Rev. Dr. R. William Dickson
Chaplain of All Saints Episcopal School, Tyler

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