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From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Sun Feb 09 1997 - 04:51:52 EST

Andrew Kulikovsky wrote:
> Carlton Winbery wrote:
> > Esdras). Remember Paul quotes from the LXX about as often as from
> > something else and Hebrews and I Peter most all the time.
> I have heard in the past that Hebrews was probably not written by Paul
> but more probably Appollos (who was mighty in the scriptures), because
> all the quotations in Hebrews are from the Septuagint. Does anyone have
> anymore information about this or comments about the validity of this
> argument?

        There are a number of things about Hebrews which makes me believe
that Apollos was the author. The style is literary, almost Ionic
definitely not Pauline. The line of argument is eloquent ALEXANDRIAN of
the Philo school....Apollos. To those who believe Yosef bar Naba
was the author, I would point to the error in 9:4. bar Naba would have
known where the golden incense altar was..the author of Hebrews did

        Hebrews critical discussion is formed by Essenic influence which
may point to Apollos and his association with Philo and the Alexandrian
Essenes (Therapeutae).

        The Wisdom of Solomon is quoted through Hebrews..a work written
in Alexandria.

        The Deuteronomic quotes in Hebrews are from the Septuagint.

        I think that Apollos wrote Hebrews in Corinth between 55-60 CE.

Jack Kilmon

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