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From: Mike Adams (
Date: Sat Feb 15 1997 - 23:37:46 EST

> On the negative side, Jack Kilmon said:
> >To those who believe Yosef bar Naba(Barnabas)was the author, I would
> to >the error in 9:4. bar Naba would have known where the golden incense
> altar >was..the author of Hebrews did not..
> I would suggest that a closer look at the Greek text indicates that
> Barnarbas is VERY careful in what he says (the English translations have
> not been so careful), for (as Westcott points out in his Commentary) the
> writer shifts from saying that the lampstand, the table, and the
> were *in* (EN hHi) the first room to saying that the inner room "has"
> (EXOUSA) the Incense Altar and the Ark...which sounds very much to me
> the Hebrew description in 1Kings 6:22 (unfortunately the LXX doesn't
> translate this Heb phrase). I think the idea is that the Altar of Incense
> is SUPPOSED to always stand before the belongs there and they
> belong together; ie., the prayers of God's people should always ascend
> before His throne, as we see in Rev 8:3; I'd also suggest that this is
> part, if not the whole point of the renting of the curtain between the
> Place and Most Holy Place when Jesus died. I would go as far to suggest
> (this is not original with me) that on the Day of Atonement that the High
> Priest somehow manipulated the curtain (put it behind his back ?) so that
> the Altar was on that one day part of the Most Holy Place and the
> smoke from the Altar filled the Most Holy place and the "prayers" of the
> people not only "protected" him during this time but also "ascended
> the throne" as they should (read the narratives, esp., about how he
> in the extra smoking incense and really "stokes up the fire" and how it
> fills the area around the Ark [Lev 16:12, 18; cf., 4:7; Ex 30:6; 40:5]).
> My feeling is that rather than not knowing where the furniture is,
> demonstrates an intimate understanding of what the Tabernacle was really
> all about...IMHO...
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> Dale M. Wheeler, Th.D.

'scuse me.
Isn't QUMIATHRION a censor, not an altar? It went into the holy of holies
with the
priest. Am I off base? Then there wouldn't exactly be an error in 9:4.
Which, of course, proves nothing concerning the authorship.

my half-cent's worth.

Ellen Adams

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