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From: Bill and Ginger Dickson (caregrp@ballistic.com)
Date: Sat Feb 15 1997 - 23:26:19 EST

>When I started NT Greek, Wenham was the text used in our class.
>While there a number of good features about this book, for another view of
>the exercises can I quote from an assesement by Prof. Morrison. posted to
>the Greek/Latin section of the Foreign Languages forum on CompuServe:
>(Cambridge University Press, 1965), 268 pages. Based on the
>earlier work of H.P.V. Nunn. Uses Nom./Acc./Gen./Dat. order of
>cases; omits nearly all accents. The pace is leisurely.
>Explanations are generally complete and correct. Exercises are
>mostly invented and artificial, and some are nearly
>incomprehensible. "
>Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

Wenham's omission of the accents is in my opinion one of its strengths.
Why burden the beginning Greek student with a complex anachronism? And I
suspect Prof. Morrison exaggerates concerning the incomprehensibility of
the exercises. I just finished working through the grammar with my
students, I don't recall a single exercise which was incomprehensible. And
a considerable number of the Greek sentences to be translated by the
students come directly from the NT.


The Rev. Dr. R. William Dickson
Chaplain of All Saints Episcopal School
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