KURIOS IHSOUS CHRISTOS a Compound Proper Name?

From: Wes.Williams@twcable.com
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 12:48:13 EST

     I see the recurring expression KURIOS IHSOUS XRISTOS in Paul's
     writings and am attempting to reverse engineer a principle from the
     expression as to whether or not "KURIOS IESOUS XRISTOS" is used by
     Paul as a compound proper name. Of course, scholars are aligned on
     both sides of this issue, but it just does not appear to be that
     difficult from a naive view. So I think I will throw it into the
     b-greek arena for testing and probing.
     The case before me, 1 Thess. 1:1:
     Does one take KURIWi with the first or second subject in the TSKS
     construction (article- subject- kai- subject)? I believe it lies with
     the second. Kuehne argues in support of the first. Wallace argues that
     the KURIOS is not to be separated from the second. But without
     reference to Paul's doctrinal system, is there not a grammatical
     principle here (on the basis of Paul's customary use of language) that
     the KURIOS here is inseparable from "KURIOS IESOUS XRISTOS" on the
     basis that it forms a compound proper name? And does not QEWi PATRI
     also form a compound proper name, even though QEWi and PATRI
     individually do not?
     I've never seen the principle of compound proper names explored on
     b-greek. Thanks in advance.
     Wes Williams

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