Re: Romans 7:10 - KAI EUREQH MOI

From: Ronald Wong (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 11:24:48 EST

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> I don't quite understand the grammar of this phrase in Romans 7:10:
> Maybe I can help put the finger on my confusion:
> EGW DE APEQANON I died (this is the easy part)
> KAI EUREQH MOI hH ENTOLH hH EIS ZWHN the last part is "the law which is unto
> life". I don't know how to deal with the passive in EUREQH combined with the
> accusative MOI. If Paul "is found", then why is he also the direct object?
> AUTH EIS QANATON "it is unto death"
> Help!
> Jonathan
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hm...I may be wrong...but the MOI may not be the accusative but rather
the INSTRUMENTAL OF AGENCY... (D&M). . . If to be associated with the
EUREQH. BUT if with the ACCUSATIVE, the MOI must be associated with the
other accusative loving phrase....
"HAUTE" should be WITH the ENTOLHS--"This law"
the EUREQH--(I'll guess--Aor. Pass) could be "was found" or "being
found," extends to both EIS phrase:

        1. H EIS ZWHN
        2. EIS QANATON.
I personally don't know if there is any syntactical significance to the
"EIS...EIS" CONSTRUCTION....but the meaning of the two would have to be
fluid, just because of the contrast of ZWHN and QANATON. Dana and
Mantey are my support for this.

I believe...the construction should be as follows:

"and I died, and this law was found, [for the purpose] to life, to death
to me."
The reading is rough...but what I would say is this....and I died. and
this law discovered for the purpose that I might live...actually
discovered death unto me. even that ain't much better!

**please forgive me, scholars, if I am wrong... I'm only a mere amateur.

R. Wong
O'Brien, FL

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