Re: Mark 9:2

From: Ronald Wong (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 00:57:59 EST

Rick Strelan wrote:
> I'd appreciate any comments on the use of ANAFEREIN in Mk 9:2. It normally
> has sacrificial connotations. Mountains, sacrifices, priestly access to the
> sanctuary (= heaven) - there seems to be possible connections.
> Thanks in advance
> Rick Strelan
> Brisbane
As much as the sacrificial connotations may abound. . . the rest of the
passage cannot bear out this to be the meaning of ANAFEREIN....since in
v.14 they actually return back down from the mountain.

Louw & Nida offer an alternative
15:176-- of to bring up, or lead up.

I don't think that this "transfiguration" experience would be considered
a sacrifice in any sense that can be drawn from the passage. You have
the trappings...but then you don't have the answer to what was

**sorry if this is too elementary.**

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