Some new web-resources worth knowing about

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 10:41:12 EST

(1) A relatively new site that I only very recently became aware of is
eminently worth knowing about to list-members with ready web-access. It's
one of those "master" sites with a very-well organized catalog with
sub-links quickly taking you to the relevant sub-topics, and it covers just
about every area of theological studies from Biblical texts and
computer-resources to denominational pages:

        Computer-assisted Theology - Internet Resources

(2) Here's one for Jonathan especially, but several others ought also to
find it interesting. Bruce Robertson at the University of Toronto just
announced on the Classics List this morning a page describing and giving
access to his "first steps in building a Java-based learning environment
for Ancient Greek." He has started out building Macintosh-based Open Doc
materials, but he is planning to port his stuff to Unix and other
accessible platforms. Check it out, and if you're one that can make use of
his initial programs, go ahead and download them:

        Java and Ancient Greek

Happy surfing to all!

Carl W. Conrad
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