Re: Inerrancy and writing style

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 13:08:09 EST

Well, I have misspoken even sooner and perhaps more seriously than I
anticipated. Carl Conrad wrote:

>>>Please let me say "for the record": I do NOT hold my own view of
Scripture to be in ANY way "higher" than Randy's nor would I ever
dispute the legitimacy and authenticity of his view, although I
cannot share it or claim it as my own any more than he can share or
claim my view as his own, but I do not deem that mine has any
superior standing whatsoever. More than that I need not and will not
say. Enough already.

I thought I had understood Carl to believe that my view of Scripture
sort of kept God in a box, that it limited Him in ways that his view
does not, and that my view is therefore inferior and, in a sense,
lower. If I may use one of Carl's own terms now, I find that I was
stupid enough to think that I was reflecting his view when the whole
history of our private correspondence on related topics shows that we
really do seem to be unable to understand one another.

So I will apologize for putting words in Carl's mouth that he
obviously does not acknowledge as his own and simply add my own
"Enough." Back to Greek.

Randy Leedy

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