re: The DEI in I Timothy 3:2

From: Tom Launder (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 02:47:57 EST

> The majority of commentators I read on this passage tend to reflect
> personal, denominational or peer bias when dealing with this word
> exegetically, so I find them dubiously helpful in answering this
> question: grammatically, contextually and objectively, to which of the
> items listed in I Timothy 3:2-7 (note it is repeated in verse 7) does
> the DEI apply?
> Can of worms anyone?
> Fred Nofer

I will take a humble stab at this one. The DEI (it is necessary) is
I think this is easy if you ask "What is necessary?" The answer is then
"for an overseer to be above reproach. I am sure there might be a
question as to whether or not the rest of the list is to be included in
the DEI.

I hope this helps, (I am biased against my being biased) :)


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