Re: Eph 2:18 & the consecutive hOTI

From: Ronald Wong (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 16:02:53 EST wrote:
> What are the merits of the hOTI of Eph 2:18 being consecutiive rather than
> causal. While I realize causal is far more common and consecutive is rare,
> consecutive seems to make better sense in the context.
> Charles Powell

"And having come He proclaimed peace to you, the ones far away and peace
to the ones near.
'Because or that' through him we, the both, have access in one Spirit to
the Father."

I'm not sure exactually what is meant by the consecutive
the main verb of the entire passage is in verse 11
MNHMONEUETE--"Remember . . . "
        --(v.11) hOTI POTE hUMEIS TA . . .
        --(V.12) hOTI HTE TW KAIPW EKEINW. . .
        --(V.18) hOTI DI AUTOU EXOMEN . . .

I'm guessing the consecutive idea is advanced to be climatic in v.18
Sort of saying something like Remember that you were far off, remember
that you were excluded....remember Christ..he is the one!
I would call this more of a continuative idea.

the causal wouldn't be bad here your pick...

merely a novice, I could be wrong.

O'Brien, FL.

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