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Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 10:17:54 EST

> On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Russ P. Reeves wrote:
> > I am trying to acquire reading proficiency in a new language (new to
> > that is). There has been considerable discussion on this list about
> > best methods for new language acquisition, but does anyone have any
> > suggestions on methods to retain ability in the languages I already
> > while learning a new one? Review, of course, would be number one, but
> > occasionally I find that I will mix the two languages (a vocabulary
item, or
> > an unusual grammatical rule). Any suggestions?
> >
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> > Russ Reeves
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As Ralph Cherry wrote, reading the Bible in various languages helps.

I would not normally recommend chat channels on the IRC, but I have some
young Mexican girls who stay with me on the weekends in order to reinforce
their English skills. One evening in the #Mexico chat channel, Teresa found
herself corresponding at one time with a Gringo, several Latinos and a
French Canadian, each in their own native tongue. It was quite a challenge,
and she loved it! Also do as these girls have done. Seek out nationals.
Visit their homes, or invite them to yours, and insist on speaking their

If you're studying Greek and go to church, bring the Greek text to follow
with the sermon. If you're really shaky, bring an interlinear. Take notes
in the

Don't worry too much about mixing vocabulary. Face it. It's going to be
difficult to switch gears. It does make for interesting conversations and
anecdotes, which is a plus in an odd sort of way.

And have fun!

Ellen Adams

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