Re: Clement of Alexandria

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 06:58:18 EST

At 12:53 AM -0600 2/21/97, David McKay wrote:
>21st February, 1997
>Now am I right, or am I wrong? Are some of our list members claiming
>Clement as the first Jehovah's Witness?

For my part, I think this comment is inappropriate. A serious message asked
about the implications of Clement's usage of PRWTOKTISTHS for the
understanding of the word PRWTOTOKOS in the NT. That question ought to be
dealt with on its own terms without commenting one way or the other on any
sectarian slants that may supposedly be associated with a question. The
argument ought to be dealt with on its own merits.

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