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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 21:43:06 EST

David Miller ( wrote:

> I have been lurking on this list long enough now to realize that a
> lot of things have been discussed already. So if my questions have
> been answered apologies. You may gently reprimand me
> and tell me to look in the archives (which, unfortunately, I don't
> have access to because I don't have internet access).

*** Please *** don't say that! The archives were made for man, not man for
the archives. I don't represent B-Greek, but since I set up the archives,
I'd like to make some suggestions about how we approach them:

1. The archives are for reference, and do not forbid future discussion on a
topic. We have recently had some *great* discussions on topics like AGAPE
and PHILEW in John 21 and 2 Tim 3:16, topics which were previously the
subject of uninformative flames. In the latter, there was some attempt to
circumvent the discussion as it began by referring people to the archives,
but we uncovered lots of new material during the course of the discussion,
and I really enjoyed these threads. Of course, I hate flames, so let's stay
on the topic, stay with the Greek, not push our pet interpretations, and
treat each other with humility and respect, but it is often useful to rehash
things that have been discussed before.

2. It is useful to refer someone to the archives if they ask a question that
is covered there, either as a starting point for further discussion or to
see if there are still outstanding questions, but nobody is under obligation
to research the entire archives before asking a question.

3. There are quite a few people without web access; unfortunately, the
archives aren't available to them, but we *certainly* don't want to limit
their participation in B-Greek.

The archives contain old discussion for reference; the mailing list is the
community which is the real B-Greek, and the source of information that gets
stored in the archives. Let's bring out both the new and the old!

Matt 13:52 (GNT) ho de eipen autois: dia touto pas grammateus maqhteuqeis th
basileia twn ouranwn homoios estin anqrwpw oikodespoth, hostis ekballei ek
tou qhsaurou autou kaina kai palaia.

David, your question is very clear, succinct, and interesting - I wish I
could answer it, and I look forward to archiving the good responses that
will surely follow. *Please* feel very free to ask questions like this!

This is all just my personal opinion; I don't represent B-Greek in any way.
However, I really don't want the archives to destroy B-Greek by inhibiting


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