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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Feb 22 1997 - 19:55:22 EST

Isidoros <> wrote:

> Of course, better than modern Greek is the Greek
> that is recited, read and psalted in the Greek Orthodox Ecclesiai, the
> language of the "l"iturgy, which has been taken pains, by a very long line
> of Greek Orthodox priests and monachs and, later on, by psaltes (though
> the last, I think, by considerable "professionaly" imposed affectation) to
> be maintained, unbroken, and very much alive - and "swing-ing,"

Is the liturgical pronunciation different from the modern Greek
pronunciation? I'm surprised by this, because when I was living
in Berlin, I talked to several native Greeks who didn't seem to
be aware of this; they confirmed that hHMIN and hUMIN were
pronounced the same, for instance. Would they be pronounced
differently in the liturgical pronunciation you discuss?

Exactly how does it differ from the standard modern Greek
pronunciation? Do you know if there are recordings of such
liturgies that might be useful for folks interested in
hearing the pronunciation?


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