Re: Teaching Beginning Greek Pronunciation

From: David McKay (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 00:01:19 EST

23rd February, 1997
Can anyone enlighten me on what the Erasmus pronunciation is? I learnt
using Wenham, and then Jay (which was slightly different: I think Wenham
made us pronounce ETA to rhyme with BEATER, whereas Jay had us rhyming it
with GATOR (now there's an American word!)

Revising my Greek, I have heard Dr Ted Hildebrandt pronouncing CHI as KEY,
which is logical, but we said
with a PS at the front!)

I agree with those who say that discriminating between sounds helps with
learning the words. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the second time
around I have learnt from Bruce Metzger to notice the accents, and always
pronounce each word with the same stress to aid in faster memorisation
(though I am aware that this was not the original effect of the accent

This list is tops! I didn't mean to offend anyone with an earlier crack
about Clement of Alexandria, and appreciated the lighthearted rejoinder
about Jesus, the first Presbyterian. (They say in Australia that the
Pressies never do very well in our censuses, due to the length of the word,
and that a lot of them used to show up as "C of E" because it fitted in the
space so much more easily (though now Church of England has become Anglican
Church of Australia.)

David McKay

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