Re: Mark 11:22 God's faith or faith in God?

From: Lee R. Martin (
Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 11:46:13 EST wrote:
> Mark 11:22 has the phrase, "Have faith in God" -- K21. Other translations
> read,"Have the faith of God. Those are the two most common renderings.
> However, I have heard that the Greek should really read, "Have the God kind
> of faith" or "Have the faith of God".
Dear James,

Nouns that present a verbal implication may be followed by a genitive
case, called an objective genitive. Faith is active, and in Mark 11:22,
God is the object of faith. So, the translation should be "Have faith
in God."

I am aware of other options, but this is my understanding of the verse.

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