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Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 05:26:53 EST

Carl Conrad wrote;
>As for future perfects, I think
>you could add the periphrastics such as those in the "keys of the kingdom"
>passage in Mt 16:19 ESTAI DEDEMENON and ESTAI LELUMENON. Upon ruminating
>over classical Greek, I thought I recalled a couple future perfects from
>the Cassandra sequence in Aeschylus' Agamemnon and found them with little
>difficulty. One is another periphrastic: 1179 ESTAI DEDORKWS (something
>like "will be glaring") and 1279 the wonderful prediction of Orestes'
>return to face Clytemnestra: OU MEN ATIMOI G'EK QEWN TEQNHXOMEN (something
>like "the gods will assure that our deaths will not have been unrequited").
>I know I've seen hESTEXW several times, but that's practically a simple
>future, and I believe I've seen such forms as BEBLHSONTAI and KEKLHSONTAI.
I purposely left out the periphrastic forms because they do not use the
pluperfect but perfect ptc form. There are 45 periphrastic forms in the NT
using the imperfect of EIMI + the perf. ptc. act. or mid/pass. The fut.
perf. ocurrs six times as a periphrastic (fut. of EIMI + perf. ptc.)

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