Re: Colossians 1:23

From: Thomas Biddy (
Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 22:55:41 EST

Dear Mark,

I think that the Bible does teach that Mt. 28:19 was fulfilled.
Jesus told them to do it and they did - Mk 16:15 Go ye into all the
world, v.20 And they went forth and preached everywhere.

I submit the following verses that might apply in some way:

Col. 1:5,6,23
Rom 1:8 10:18 16:26
Titus 2.11
Acts 1:8 8:4
Mk. 16:20

Whatever the command ment, I think they obeyed it.


On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Mark Armstrong wrote:

> I am presently taking a Bible Study group through the Book of Colossians.
> Last week someone in the group raised the issue of what 1:23b means. The
> NIV says, "This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed
> to every creature under heaven....".
> Turning to the Greek text, we see TOU KHRUXQENTOS EN PASH KTISEI TN UPO TON
> The problem appears to be one of factuality, for I don't think it can mean
> that the Gospel has been preached to every individual on earth at the time
> Paul wrote this letter. Had Paul actually proclaimed the gospel to "every
> creature under heaven", what can this mean? How do we translate PASH KTISEI
> - as referring to humans alone, or does it include heavenly hosts and the
> like? Is PASH used in a restrictive sense?
> If anyone has any insights into the text that may shed some light on this
> issue I would be most grateful.
> For the interest of others, I pastor a church of about 40 people in Hay -
> which is 8 hours south-west of Sydney, Australia. We are an isolated rural
> community of 3,000 people presently sweltering in 40 degree C heat!!
> In Christ,
> Pastor Mark Armstrong

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