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Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 04:16:52 EST

> The problem appears to be one of factuality, for I don't think it can mean
> that the Gospel has been preached to every individual on earth at the time
> Paul wrote this letter. Had Paul actually proclaimed the gospel to "every
> creature under heaven", what can this mean? How do we translate PASH KTISEI
> - as referring to humans alone, or does it include heavenly hosts and the
> like? Is PASH used in a restrictive sense?


Remember that KHRUSSW can mean proclaim or announce, and note that it
does not say that *Paul and the apostles* proclaimed the gospel to
everyone, but:

"This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every
creature under heaven,...." (NIV)

Maybe this is an indirect refernce to what is pointed out in Romans

> For the interest of others, I pastor a church of about 40 people in Hay -
> which is 8 hours south-west of Sydney, Australia. We are an isolated rural
> community of 3,000 people presently sweltering in 40 degree C heat!!

Well, I'm here in Adelaide and we've had what your having x 13 days with
not a cool change in sight....

At this rate I'll melt away!


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