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>I warmly second Carl Conrad's comments on the Cambridge Greek Course (JACT)
>--READING GREEK (Cambridge). We have used it here, with quite good success.

I am pleased that Carl and yourself, from the dispensing end, recommend
this textbook which I, on the receiving end, have used
After a certain amount of NT Greek classes at summer schools, I began my
retirement from engineering by attending an adult education class, using
the Cambridge JACT.

I have several times recommended it, especially to those working on their
own, since there is an "Independent Study Guide" a.ka. a key and most
especially because of the companion volume ( originally pubished for the
Open University ) entitled " The World of Athens " which has a separate
index keyed to the "Reading Greek" text, so that the distance student can
acquire some of the background which a good teacher imparts almost with
realising it.

That said, I can see why, as Carl remarked, "I know that it is anathema to
some who have taught out of it nd have learned out of it. "
The production standards of the grammar volume are little short of
disgraceful; the English font is clear and readable, the Greek font is
small, and printed in light italics!!. The layout of the paradigms is poor,
indexes and the internal references are for section numbers which means
having to thumb through the book to find the numbers [ the companion
"Reading Latin" has page numbers in normal typeface at the bottom of the
page, and section numbers in bold at the top of the page ]

In this regards, the contrast with your fourth choice is striking.

> is of that by the great Guenther Zuntz, _GREEK: A
>Course in Classical and Post-Classical Greek Grammar from Original
Texts_(2 vols.), edited by Stanley Porter, 1994 (Sheffield Academic
Press). $37.50;
>available from CBD for $29.95. This covers both classical and post-
>classical, with large amounts of real Greek included. This isn't easy going
>but may be what those knowing only NT Greek would like to use.

Maybe its my aging eyes, but this book is a joy to read, with one of the
best and most legible Greek fonts I have seen, and I am indeed intrigued by
the content
I intend shortly to start working my way through it.

That last statement of mine reminds me immediately, and uncomfortably, of a
saying attributing to Hillel:

[ Pirke Avoth ch. 2 ]

Regards, and many thanks for all your contributions


Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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