From: kdlitwak (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 18:12:01 EST

I won't try to arbitrate this issue, but I would say that I think
Ronald WOng is correct: more than the syntax is needed to understand
what is being said in Romans 7. Furthermore, there are at least two
views that take Paul out of the picture completely. First, Paul cold be
referring to the universal predicament of humanity (Kummel I think
argued that). Second, this could be a reflection of Paul tryng to hold
together a view of the Law as good and from God on the one hand, and the
need to set the Law aside in the light of CHrist (Sanders). It is not
necessary to see the passage as autobiographical or even meant in a
personal way at all. I am not convinced by Sanders, but I do somewhat
incline to the other view. I found George Ladd most convincing on that
point when he was my prof.

Ken Litwak
GTU (for now)

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