Re: Apostasy - 2 Thessalonians 2:3

From: David Wilens (
Date: Sun Feb 23 1997 - 20:15:31 EST wrote:
> ...It seems that they believed that they had
> missed the Rapture.

They thought that the day of the LORD had come. That they had
missed the rapture and His coming.

> .. When the church is removed (EK MESOU GINHTAI refers to a
> change in activity by a removal to a different sphere; if the Holy Spirit
> changes its sphere of activity, it necessitates the removal of the church),
> the man of lawlessness will be revealed.

I've looked everywhere for this phrase "EK MESOU GENHTAI," and I've
found no evidence that it means 'removal.' On the contrary it means
just what it says, "to appear from the midst." Indeed the references
that support 'removal' are occasional instances of "EK GENHTAI" but
not "EK MESOU GENHTAI," which I've found always seems be literal.
GENHTAI or GIGNOMAI overwhelmingly refers to generation or
appearance on the scene.

Can you give me an instance of the same phrase that supports removal?

David Wilens

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