From: John Oaklands (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 07:55:47 EST


While I was out walking earlier this morning I got to thinking about another
aspect of the koine Greek language. It also went through certain
grammatical and verbal changes during the brief span of its history. In
other words, written texts had to be updated. A change in usage was the
reason. Thus, for example, there are early and late forms of some verbs.
Some words fell out of use and were replaced by others. Other words were
still used but the meaning had changed. Afterall, the work of scribes in
antiquity was to update written texts grammatically, verbally, names of
places, etc. And these changes continued through the next 2,000 years of
the history of the language. Language is always in flux. And we haven't
even addressed dialectual aspects of the language.

John Oaklands

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