Off-topic: Lucian again

From: kdlitwak (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 22:17:19 EST

I have more Lucian quesions. I'm on the first
sentence of How to Write History, #34.
OIKOTHEN ECHONTA HE^KEIN (using Perseus transliteration).
"I say therefore the one who composes the best history ????"
I can't figure out how to translate (or even understand) ECHONTA
HEKEIN. I looked through the LSJ entry for HEKEIN but didn't find it
used as an infinitive with a participle. Any ideas on how to understand

   Also,I haven't found a copy yetof the handy parsing guide that has
been suggested to me yet, and I can't figure out the fomr in How to
Write History, #38, MELETW. Thislooks like a 3s imperative, but I can't
find any suitable verb. MELLW seem sto nefver lose one of its Lambdas
in anytense, and there's no such verb as MELW, nor a suitable looking
contract verb, which wouldn't work anyway because there is no long vowel
before the suffix. I'd appreciate a suggestion as to what it is or how
I might figure it out. I tried Perseus and Perseus only identifies it
as a form of the noun MELETWR. It's in the construction MH MELETW
AUTWi. "Let is not to him." Thanks.

Ken Litwak

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