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Ken Litwak wrote:

>Also,I haven't found a copy yetof the handy parsing guide that has
>been suggested to me yet, and I can't figure out the fomr in How to
>Write History, #38, MELETW. Thislooks like a 3s imperative, but I can't
>find any suitable verb. MELLW seem sto nefver lose one of its Lambdas
>in anytense, and there's no such verb as MELW, nor a suitable looking
>contract verb, which wouldn't work anyway because there is no long vowel
>before the suffix. I'd appreciate a suggestion as to what it is or how
>I might figure it out. I tried Perseus and Perseus only identifies it
>as a form of the noun MELETWR. It's in the construction MH MELETW
>AUTWi. "Let is not to him." Thanks.

You'll find that in BAGD its is listed under the impersonal form MELEI,
even though there are NT uses which are neither impersonal nor 3sg
indicative (which is why I listed in the new GRAMCORD database MELW as an
alternate lemma; most students learn it as MELEI).

I think I chopped the other part of your message, but one of the other
verbs you were looking for I believe is hHKW in BAGD.

Happy translating...

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