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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 15:02:15 EST

At 3:11 AM -0800 2/27/97, Dean Theophilou wrote:

> Nevertheless, I have found that trying to convince non-Greeks to
>abandon Erasmus' pseudo-pronounciation in favor of (gasp!) Greek
>pronounciation is extremely difficult. If they only knew how silly they
>sounded, things would be different (an American friend of mine quoted
>the Lord's prayer to me, using Erasmus's pronounciation, and I just
>about died laughing!). Anyway, its getting late. Bye.

While I have had some words of opposition to some of Isidoros' comments
about the similarity of Modern Greek to koine (if I'm understanding him
correctly), I feel that I should point out that I have always used Modern
Greek *pronunciation* when teaching Greek. While it does make learning the
spelling more difficult, I agree with Dean Theophilou and Isidoros that
there are distinct advantages to using the Modern Greek pronunciation.

In fact, I wrote some rather lengthy defenses of Modern pronunciation some
time ago on this list. I'm sure they are buried somewhere in the archives,
so I won't rewrite them here.

Micheal W. Palmer
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