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Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 10:08:52 EST

> From: William Dicks <>
> Subject: LOGOS vs RHMA
> Hi all b-greekers,
> I have been off this list now for several months and intend to get back
> onto it again. We have all heard of the so-called preacher Greek. My
> question is: what do you guys think of the popular usage of RHMA(trans?) as
> opposed to LOGOS? The popular usage of preachers is that LOGOS refers to the
> written word whereas RHMA refers to the spoken word.
IMO, a LOGOS tends to be more formal than a hRHMA. LOGOS indicates
something thought out, organized, or emphatic, such as a 'statement',
a 'declaration', an 'accounting' (Luke 16.2), a 'discourse' (Luke 10.39),
or a 'speech' (Acts 20.7). hRHMA seems to refer more casually to
an 'utterance,' 'phrase,' 'expression,' or just 'a thing said.' For
hRHMA, 'word' is often a good approximation; for LOGOS, seldom (IMO).

Jim V.

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