From: Andrew Kulikovsky (anku@celsiustech.com.au)
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 17:58:30 EST

>Hi all b-greekers,

> I have been off this list now for several months and intend to get back
>onto it again. We have all heard of the so-called preacher Greek. My
>question is: what do you guys think of the popular usage of RHMA(trans?) as
>opposed to LOGOS? The popular usage of preachers is that LOGOS refers to the
>written word whereas RHMA refers to the spoken word.
>William G Dicks (Systems Analyst - C++ & Theology Graduate) wd@isis.co.za
>ISIS Information Systems
>Gauteng, South Africa.

Good question William.

I don't have any resources on me at present (I'm at work) but from
memory, LOGOS
refers NOT to the written word (that's GRAFH) but to the *content* of
the word ie. it's
message and meaning.

Check Louw & Nida if you can.


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