Greek pronunciation

From: Mark B. O'Brien (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 21:48:45 EST

Not wanting to beat a horse to death, but I took someone's advice (I
forget which kind soul suggested it), and took a look at the article by
Chrys Caragounis in *Filologia Neotestamentaria* ("The Error of Erasmus
and Un-Greek Pronunciations of Greek," Vol. 8, Nov 1995), and I must say
I was very impressed by the depth of this piece.

I think that this is a "must read" for anyone wishing to pursue this
particular thread any further. Part of this work makes a very
interesting (and cutting) critique of Allen's *Vox Graeca* (the text
usually put forward to defend Erasmian pronunciation), noting some
deficiencies in that work which need to be considered. I'm not sure I
agree with everything he has to say, and there are spots where I'm not
entirely convinced by his logic (even though I think he has a good
point), but on the whole I recommend this as a very serious piece of
scholarship for anyone interested in this topic... it's certainly got me
thinking, and I was previously quite content with the Erasmian system!



Mark O'Brien
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