Re: What language(s) did Jesus speak?

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Date: Sun Feb 16 1997 - 00:07:29 EST

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> I would have to agree with Stephen Carlson in being aided by Dr.
> Hobbs's post on this subject. I guess it was taken a little differently
> by various readers (reader-response criticism lives). I took it as
> information to conisder only, and reflective of a position that is the
> majority view. Although I feel no compunction to accept the view
> expressed by Edward Hobbs, I certainly think it is important to know of
> different views and good representatives of each position. As one of my
> profs has observed, if you are going to disagree with a position, you
> should find the best advocate and the best arguments for that position
> to challenge, not the least capable presentation of it.
> For a different view, and the one I find most persuasive, Stanley
> Porter wroe an article which appeared a couple of years ago in Novum
> Testamentum (sorry I don't hae the exact Turabian citation). Porter
> argued quite ably I think that the use of Greek among Jesus' fellow-Jews
> is underestimated commonly, based on the available archaeological
> evidence, and that there is good reason to beliee that Jesus in fact
> taught in Greek *at least* some of the time.
> Ken Litwak
> Graduate Theological Union (at least right now)

Can we have our cake and eat it too? Most of us agree that Jesus would have
been intelligent enough to speak more than one language. Common courtesy
would dictate that if a person were truly bi, tri, or quadra lingual, he
speak the language most understandable to his targeted audience.

Those of us who like to ponder the subtleties of John 21:15-17, prefer
imagine that Christ speaking Greek at the time.

In John 8:58, what if he were speaking in Hebrew and straight-out said, "I

Of course, we can't determine what exactly was said, much less what was
meant. (That's what makes the discussions in this forum so engaging.) But,
do like to play with the ideas... Ahhh, ignorance IS bliss.

Still, I guess I ought to go to the library and do some serious research on
this. Anyone got some other references that might help? Thanks.

Ellen Adams
co-pastor WellSpring Fellowship
Sheridan, Colorado.

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