Re: Romans 1:20 apo ktisews kosmou tois poihmasin *nooumena**kaqoratai*

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Date: Sat Mar 01 1997 - 18:18:31 EST

Robert Benn Vincent, Sr. (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 16:02:55 -0600

> Dear Mr. Robie,
> Neuter plurals often have singular verbs. One could translate the verse
> this way:
> "For his invisible (qualities) from the creation of the world, being
> understood in what is made, are being discerned."

"Neuter plurals often have singular verbs." Thanks! That's what I
didn't know. After reading what you said, I looked it up in Smyth,
who says this:

Subject in the Plural, Verb in the Singular

958. A neuter plural subject is regarded as a collective (996), and has its
verb in the singular: KALA HN TA SFAGIA "the sacrifices were propitious"

I learn something new every day here!


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