Re: Romans 1:20 apo ktisews kosmou tois poihmasin *nooumena**kaqoratai*

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun Mar 02 1997 - 08:30:36 EST

At 03:18 AM 3/2/97 EST, H. Fred Nofer wrote:
>I would suggest you might want to consider
>NOOUMENA as being the instrumental use of the adverbial participle.
>This would view the participial clause (TOIS POINMASIN NOOUMENA) as in
>agreement with the subject (TA AORATA) of the leading verb (KAQORATAI)
>and modifying the latter in an instrumental capacity, i.e. "His invisible
>things...are being seen by means of understanding the things that are
>made," with the dative being translated as a direct object in English
>(see H. P. V. Nunn, A Syntax of New Testament Greek, p. 48).

Hey, this makes sense!



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