Re: Jesus's languages

From: Isidoros (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 18:56:00 EST

Mr. Kulikovsky,

Your "tampering" with my post, did make it seem (to Mr. Prete
anyway, and to me, too, I must say) not unlike an an invitation
to a brawl in a back alley, as said, as much as, indeed, as a
contentious page from Babel.

>And I'm looking forward to yours, Isidoros....

No, thank you very much, but with such gracious touch
I won't take.

Mr. Prete,

if I were to have been away too, and had read Mr. Kulikovsky's
misconstruing post, I am afraid I would have had about the same
reactions as you did. (Imigine, too, to have seen Jesus lashing
maniacly about the Temple, without a view of the money-changers?!)

You have my sympathies, Sir.

Mr. Robie,

(>Yep. I agree totally. That's not what B-Greek is for.)

o timhths twn pantwn?!

And, to Mr. Prete's, finally,

>In other words, keep it off the list.

Thank you, again.

As I understand it B-Greek is a forum for communication
concerning the scholarly study of the Greek Bible, and in
this regard any propositions that are posted, while not
properly academically substantiated, ought, at least, be
so done at least at the asking - or, seize to be parleyed
before all. Please know that, before reading the cacophonous
and maladjusted text which you copied and quoted above, Sir,
I, in accordance with the list principles and in defense of
sheer intellectual self-respect, asked that a full and proper
explanation for unfounded theories be provided. I am still in
wait. If not provided I do hope, too, that persons do in the
process become more sensitive to the need for silence - the
necessary ground from which genouine ideas sprout.

Respectfully Yours,


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