Matt 18:18-19. . .

From: Tom Launder (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 20:40:34 EST

Hello all,

I have been studying Matt. 18:15-20 and have run into a snag. :)

In Matt 18:18

hOSA EAN DhShTE . . .

I have understoof the hOSA EAN to be the direct object of the verb
DhShTE. Am I right? Or is the hOSA alone the direct object and the EAN
part of a conditional clause?

In Matt 18:19


Again I am being thrown by the EAN. I believe the hOU is a relative
pronoun but I do not understand what the EAN is doing. Is this a
relative clause modifying the main verb? Is this a epexegetic clause
describing PRAGMATOS? Is this a conditional clause with the hOU being a
direct object of the verb?

Boy, I have found a glaring weak spot! I really am lost on this one. :)
Please help. The more you explain the EAN and what is going on, the
better it will be for me.



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