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From: S. M. Baugh (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 11:22:55 EST

Re: Instrumental EN in Mark 1:23 (and 5:2):
Thanks to all for clarifying earlier thoughts. Carl, I was forgetting
how broad "Instrumental" can be as a category. I have drifted into using
this term more narrowly for what is more strictly means or cause
relations. I started my Greek life with Chase&Phillips and Smyth, so I
should have known better! Is there a section in Smyth which discusses
this specific relation? (I did glance at sections 1503-20.)

If I were to retain any niggling doubts (=past contrary-to-fact
conditional), it is caused by the personal character of the referent in
Mark 1:23 whereas the English examples Carl gives ("with a glandular
condition" and "with a ugly scar" are not personal). Yet your points are
well taken and no doubt correct. Perhaps: "A man (afflicted) with an
unclean spirit" may be a good rendering then?

Not to prolong this too far, but would the first EN phrase in Gal. 6:1
transgression") have the same significance (i.e., someone who "has" a
transgression; "a man characterized by some transgression")?

Thanks to all,

S. M. Baugh
Westminster Theological Seminary
in California

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