Re: What language(s) did Jesus speak?

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Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 08:13:53 EST

Isidoros (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 22:13:51 -0200 (GMT)

> But, PROVE, that he had, merely, "a working grasp of Greek"!!
> Or - PROVE - that he did not speak Greek fluently, not to say....
> Masterfully!! of which you seem ("almost") certain (?!)

I found this message disturbing, not because I disagree with
it, but because I found it rude. In general, we've been very
good at being polite and respectful with each other on B-Greek,
and that is important to me. I'm speaking for myself, and I
don't have any authority to speak for the list, but I feel
very strongly about this.

I have no idea who is right on these issues, but I don't
see any reason that the burden of proof should rest on
only one party. If Jack is completely right and fully
in grasp of the facts, it could still take him years
to provide all the proof you ask for.

Jack *does* provide some interesting data, which you dismiss
without telling us why:

> ..."grocery list" epigraphy?! (Ti peirasmos!!)
> And, absolutely nothing to do with our case.

Could you explain *why* you find it unconvincing and

> May we have some PROOF of this?
> PROOF, please,
> PROOF (and, parenthetically speaking, the same.)
> PROVE it.
> PROVE that, too, by the way.
> PROOF, kind Jack. We'd be much obliged.
> PROVE it.
> PROVE it.
> PROVE it.
> PROVE it.
> PROVE - the "probability" of the first clause, and I assume the certainty
> of the second.

Do we have to shout at each other? Can't we discuss this as adults,
maybe even as scholars?

Your position seems to be that Jesus spoke Greek fluently.
You have asserted this several times without providing any
evidence, and nobody has attacked you for doing so. Now you
demand that Jack provide a very high degree of proof for
his position, though you have never provided any for yours.

> Looking forward to the learned statement of facts and of evidence.
> Thank you

If we want this list to be a vehicle for "learned statements of facts
and of evidence", we had better be respectful with each other. I found
your message very insulting to Jack, and it provided no facts or
evidence at all.


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