Re: What language(s) did Jesus speak?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Mar 04 1997 - 22:18:01 EST

At 09:38 PM 3/4/97 -0200, Isidoros wrote:
>life is very short, and the kindest way I know to be generous with my
>being, energy and whatever knowledge I may be informed of, to my fellow
>travellers, and in a forum such as this, where communication and the
>sharing of ideas re Biblical Greek is the ultimate means and purpose
>on the way of being informed and enlightened, is to be direct, forthcoming,
>precise, and that even if it may at times be perceived, as you say, as being
>"rude." (And, noone, please, make any excuses for me, in the sense of my
>speaking "thus" as a matter of any cultural differences in expression...)

I'm pretty direct, too, at times. I have no problem with that.

>Rude, I, if allowed self-characterization, I have not being.

Let me be precise (and direct!). To me, it is rude to shout PROVE it, imply
that other people are ill informed, call people names (hO TIMHTHN TWN PANTWN
comes to mind ;-> ), etc. To me, it is bombastous to assert one's own
authority and position instead of providing carefully reasoned arguments.

>Yet, you would have been right that "the burden of proof should not rest
>on [any] one party", if Mr. Kilmon, or anyone, had put this issue up for
>discussion. But that is not the case here.

But you have asserted on several occasions that Jesus spoke fluent
Greek, identified Greek as the language of Jesus, etc., without ever
producing any proof. I would be very interested in hearing what proof
you have for that position.


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