Re: dependent clauses etc.

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 22:30:46 EST

>Fellow Greeks,
>Often I see various scholars on this list using the terms:
>- dependent clauses
>- subordinate clauses
>- relative clauses
>and various others.
>For the benefit of the little Greeks (like me!), could someone please
>explain what is meant by these terms, giving examples if possible, how
>they can be recognised and what the semantic and exegetical implications
>are of these clauses....
Andrew, I suggest that you get a copy of H.P.V. Nunn's [or is it H.P. V.?]
lttle text A SHORT SYNTAX OF NEW TESTAMENT GREEK (Cambridge University
Press). He begins with about thirty pages of english grammar to prepare the
student to understand Greek. Apparently students back in the early
twentieth century also needed help with their own English language--even in
"that blessed isle, that England."

For those who just might be interested he also did A SHORT SYNTAX OF ATTIC
GREEK, which I do not own, but wish I did.

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