Re: [Fwd: Re: PARAGETAI in 1 John 2:8, 17]

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 20:32:07 EST

At 07:11 PM 3/5/97 -0500, you wrote:

>To call this form "passive" in the first place is one of the absurd
>consequences of stuck-in-the-rut traditional notions of the voice of the
>Greek verb (which, could it REALLY become "active" would scream "bloody
>murder!"). We MUST NOT talk of passive voice...

(much snipped)

Perhaps this is true of Attic and other classical forms- but Koine is not
the same thing as classical, any more than High german is the same as Swiss

Perhaps what is absurd is confusing the two and levelling them into one
(i.e., Koine and Attic).

>Carl W. Conrad



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